Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why you should not buy an iPhone 5

Following Apple's announcement of new iOS, I think this is the most suitable time to publish this post; a post explaining why you should not buy an iPhone 5!
Although I am a fan (was?) of Apple devices, I own an iPhone 5 for two months and I have already regretted the purchase I made. Because there is no hope with Apple's support, even if you have spent a fortune for buying this "device", I prefer sharing my experience rather than contacting Apple.
Below I sum up the main reasons why you should not buy an iPhone 5:

  • Scratches

iPhone 5 is more fragile than a bohemian vase. I had iPhone 4 for 2 years, it had some "deep" dives to the ground but no scratches. On the other hand, iPhone 5 looks like somebody hit it with a hammer...

  • "No service"
Another innovation by Apple. While we are in 2013, we have bought smartphones (iPhone I mean) that can do everything, but, they cannot place or receive a call. While I am not doing anything, even with my 3G connectivity OFF, iPhone drops the connection with the carrier. So simple. And I am asking: if I bring this to Apple's support attention, will they respond? And why will they? Many other people with the same issue, they haven't received any help.
  • Wifi
It's the longest issue of iPhone, I think, since its birth? Either disconnects, or does not connect at all, wifi could be considered as a missing functionality since you cannot rely on it. Maybe Apple's marketing has done a great job in order to get promoted by carriers and promote the use of 3G instead of wifi.
  • Regional Settings
I decided to switch my phone to english language and keep the greek regional settings (for example km instead of mi). But, you cannot do that! Even if you choose english language with regional settings based on the metric system, you WILL get the British metric system. Simply, there is no sense.

So if you decide to buy an iPhone 5 after this post, and numerous others, good luck! :D

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